Lakeview Ditch Meeting

The CBLCA is pleased to announce that after working with our City Councilor, Theresa Kavanagh, we have arranged a virtual community meeting between the City staff and our residents regarding the ditch network in the Lakeview area. The meeting will take place on Sept 9th at 6:30 pm. In order to participate in the meeting, residents must register first, then you will get an email with the Zoom link and instructions. Below is the link to register and the agenda for the meeting.


Opening statements Councillor Kavanagh and CBLCA President Kevin Brewer

City Staff will make presentation.

  • The City is developing a city-wide ditch strategy due at the end 2020 that will include standards and guides for the maintenance of ditches.
  • The City recognizes that there is an issue – What has happened over time in this area
  • Drainage improvement at Lakeview Park was done in 2015.
  • The City currently enforces by-law infractions for infill or culvert blockage on a case by case basis if it impacts neighbour’s lot.

Causes of drainage Issues:

  • High driveway culverts
  • Lack of maintenance and ditch infill
  • Not a lot of flow in this area
    • Show map of digital elevation models for the area.
  • Clay earth slows absorption of water
  • Lawns may need to be regraded
  • Sump pump not efficient or sump pump outlet not clearing water properly
  • Residents don’t want to (or can’t) pay to fix their culvert or regrade their lawns

How to avoid issues:

  • Keep culverts and ditches clear
  • Sump pumps
    • Sump pumps must have an outlet that leads away from the home, ideally to the ditch
    • Is the right sump pump being used? (City recommendations / minimum requirements for sump pumps)
    • Groundwater is very high in the neighbourhood making sump pumps necessary
  • Proper grading of lawns.

Discuss private approach agreement and how to determine who is responsible:

Examples of situation where the resident is responsible

  • When the ditches are functioning, but water is being stopped by a collapsed culvert.
  • For accumulated grit from road and leaves

Example of situation where the City is responsible

  • If the city determines that the ditch must drop a grade, then the city would replace the culverts and reset the ditches.

Mitigation options that can be discussed with the community:

  • Have stormwater sewers installed – there are about 200 properties. (Note: Ditches promote groundwater absorption)
  • Re-instate ditches
    • Cost $1M to $1.5M to be shared by residents
  • If reinstated some ditches will be very deep and more difficult to maintain.
  • Enforce by-law on property owners with ditch infill – Normally done on a case by case basis
  • High driveway culverts need to be fixed to allow flow (however, only fixing these could cause problems down the line)

Q & A with Community


9 thoughts on “Lakeview Ditch Meeting”

    1. Hi Gail, just click on the link in the box that says “Community Meeting – Drainage Issues in the Lakeview Park area” that will take you to the registration page.

  1. In case I am not at the meeting I want to give comments to the CBLCA.
    The issue of ditches is one that is not uniform across Lakeview nor is it the same from year to year.
    Last year it was a problem for some but this year has been much better and I would not want a ‘solution” to be based on the worst case scenario.
    I live on Aero Drive where I have never seen any road flooding even with high water in the ditches and I suspect that the solution will vary between properties which means a detailed assessment by City staff. I would not want to see a complete installation of storm sewers when this is not necessary. This is not so much because of cost as it is a loss of the swales which I find a visually attractive element of the neighbourhood. I prefer the Lakeview look rather than the Crystal Beach look which has the lawns ending in a sidewalk next to the road.
    I can understand that the “problem” properties need addressing but let’s not go overboard and deal with everyone the same.

    1. I’m sure once all the ditches and culverts have been put in and adequate time has passed for grass to grow, the beauty of Lakeview will come back. But I’m more concerned with the fact that my basement has a perpetual sewage smell from the constant flooding of my ditch, because my neighbours purposely filled their ditches purely for aesthetic. I also live on Aero, and multiple times a year, even in the dead of winter, I have to battle flooding in my basement. I can’t keep anything on the floor, everything is raised up on rails. And like I said, it constatly smells faintly of sewage, which is probably a health hazard. I did nothing for that to happen. But having neighbours that thought their lawns would look nicer filled in did. So I welcome the city bringing in these changes, because I shouldn’t have to live like this because someone else was selfish. We have culverts and ditches for a reason, you don’t fill them in because you feel like it. It affects everyone around you. I’ve had so much property damage because of this and I’m glad something is getting done.

  2. I live on Aero Drive as well, and there is no road flooding because all of the water pools on my front lawn with nowhere to go but in my basement as either property beside me have no ditches so the water can’t go anywhere. I don’t care what type of solution is found as long as one is found.

  3. 1) Living here for 24 years, there has never been any drainage improvement done on River Bend Dr. Ditches don’t drain. It takes 2-3 weeks for the ditch to dry out. Ditch water smells and the water backs up to the sump line.

    2) Fix the ditch drainage problem and there would be no need to burden home owners with another (wasted) cost.

    3) Storm water charge: River Bend Dr. is not connected, water doesn’t drain and takes weeks to seep into the ground so why are we paying that charge?

    Even City employees aren’t on the same page when it comes to giving reasons why nothing will be done with the ditch drainage issue. They don’t even know which direction the ditch water should travel.

  4. 1) 24 years living on River Bend Dr., there has never been any ditch drainage improvement(s).

    2) Ditch takes approx. 2 weeks to dry out. While water sits, it smells, backs up to the sump line, and the weeds can’t be cut. City should cut the ditches and have their equipment cover with mud and debris.

    Based on ditch water not being absorbed quickly into the clay ground, not sure why home owners should pay for anything – what are our property taxes doing???????

  5. What is the issue? Lived in Lakeview for years, have a big ditch. Actually like the ditch. Never had water in the house or the road. Goes in the ditch then drains out. Same with our neighbours.

  6. Our community does not have a functioning ditch drainage system. The fact is that all around the neighbourhood water stands in the ditches for days after rainfalls or as a result of sump pump output.
    The entire ditch system must be properly graded before cleaning the ditches and culverts could be expected to facilitate rapid water clearance.
    If the ditches need to be dangerously deep to make them clear the water quickly then we must have a normal city underground pipe drainage system installed. Functional priorities trump transient subjective aesthetic concerns. IMO the absence of ditches would make our front lawns better looking and easier to maintain.
    The standing water problem will not go away by itself and will pose an increasing health risk to all by breeding mosquitoes that will spread more and more diseases.

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