Kevin’s April Message

I hope this newsletter finds everyone healthy and in good spirits. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all, whether we have too much or too little work to do; the logistics of shopping for the essentials and physical distancing. These are indeed stressful times for everyone, with the situation changing daily. While it is understandable that we fear this virus, we should not start to fear each other. 

As I write this, the streets in our neighbourhood are active with people walking, jogging or cycling around, taking in some fresh air and getting some needed exercise. The upside is that Spring has sprung and this is a unique opportunity to get to know our neighbours (albeit from the end of a ten-foot pole!)

I encourage everyone to keep an eye out for your neighbours, especially the elderly and those who live alone. This social isolation we have engaged in, while absolutely necessary,  will start to have impacts on us all. I have heard about some of you leaving notes on neighbours’ doors letting them know they can reach out if they need anything. These small gestures can make a big difference for someone feeling afraid or alone. 

I have been inspired by the artwork and words of encouragement posted on peoples’ windows throughout CBL. These “window walks” are a simple way to show community spirit, add a bit of fun for the kids, and just to say, “we’re all in this together!” The next window walk theme is a visual Easter egg hunt. For those of you on Facebook, I encourage you to join the Crystal Beach – Crystal Bay – Lakeview group to connect with each other and share ideas to foster community spirit in these challenging times.

If you are looking to contribute in other ways, FAMSAC, our local food bank, is always grateful for donations. 

And while we all need to stay informed of what is going on,  too much information can become overwhelming. CBLCA will continue to advocate for the community and carry on with the various files we have been working on. For the latest updates on the COVID-19 situation, we encourage you to check official sources on a regular basis:

You can also subscribe to Councillor Theresa Kavanagh’s weekly Bay Ward Bulletin to keep up to date with the latest news for our ward. Councillor Kavanagh has been in contact with me to see how the community is handling things, and asked that we let her know if any problems should arise.  As you would imagine, the City’s main focus is now dealing with the COCIV-19 virus and as such, many of the day-to-day issues, including those we have been pursuing on behalf of the community, are paused for the near term. 

Unfortunately, a few of our upcoming annual events (Spring Clean Up, Wheel Day, and the Community Garage Sale) will not proceed as usual. This is obviously beyond our control, and we look forward to resuming our community events when the situation improves.

If you have any ideas or concerns feel free to contact me at

Kevin Brewer
CBLCA President

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