Keeping an Eye on Transitway Closure, Official Plan

Closure of the Transitway

You have received several announcements from CBLCA on this sudden closure with widespread implications for our community. We’re taking a short, mid-, and long-term approach to seeking improvements on our community’s transit needs. Your response to our August survey on Moodie Station was helpful in this.

We have now posted a narrated video on the risks of walking to the new bus stops south of the 417. View the video here.

We’ve shared the video with key city elected officials and staff as well as with several media sites in hopes of opening further dialogue on transit use for our community members. We’ll keep you informed on progress.

Walking to or from the bus stop on Moodie Drive, prepare to take your life in your hands

City of Ottawa New Official Plan

The city is apparently in the home stretch towards a final vote from City Council at the end of October. The city has now published a “final” draft document available here.

On that same web page, you’ll note that there is an Open House on September 29 at 6:30 p.m. You can register to attend the event on that page.

A joint meeting of both the Planning Committee and the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee will consider the new Official Plan and make recommendations to full City Council, which will vote on the plan on October 27.

If Council approves the new Official Plan, this does not end the process. While the plan would come into force immediately on passage of the vote of Council, there are other Master Plans for things such as Transportation, Parks and Recreation Facilities, and Infrastructure to be completed and approved. And there is the major work to be done to draft of new zoning bylaws. That process alone is anticipated to take several years.

In the interim, development proposals continue to work their way through the approval process. Exactly how Planning Committee and Council will view proposals and under what set of rules remains an unsettled, and unsettling, question. This would include proposals for within our community.

The Transportation, Transit, and infrastructure Committee (TTIC) continues what has been an incredible amount of work on the new Official Plan on behalf of Crystal Beach Lakeview.

Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan

On Mon. Sept 27 at 9:30 a.m. a special joint meeting of Community and Protective Services Committee (CPSC) and Planning Committee will consider the City of Ottawa Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan.

The format and details for participation in this meeting will be communicated with the agendas, which are anticipated to be published on September 16.

TTIC has already participated in meetings and surveys on the Ottawa Parks and Facilities Master Plan and commented on it in the community’s response to the As We Heard It reports on the official plan. We’re concerned that inadequate provision is being made to meet the needs of an increased population within the same city boundaries.

You can review the Parks and Recreation Master plan and/or participate in the Engage Ottawa survey here

It will be very difficult for the city to add more parkland within the urban boundaries as the population intensifies. And if one house is replaced by two, the city will not receive cash in lieu of parkland the way it might for a bigger development. Even if the city does receive cash in lieu, it usually must go into “hard” improvements such upgrading play structures or adding a splashpad instead of into buying parkland in a populated area. Parkland just isn’t available.

Under the new Official Plan, the city will actually lose recreation land such as backyards, as well as gain people. That isn’t recognized in the Official Plan. A “plan” that simply gathers feedback on what types of recreation facilities people want may be missing the main point.

City Approval for Development at 3368 Carling Ave. (at Bedale)

The Committee of Adjustment on June 9 approved application # D07-12-16-0016 for a three-storey apartment building with 15 condo units.

Information on the development proposal is here

—Ian McConnachie, Chair of TTIC

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