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It’s that time of year again! CBLCA is inviting residents to step up for election to its Executive at our fall AGM, which will be held in late November (exact date TBD).

The Executive’s role is to plan community events, support groups who are planning events like street parties, discuss current and emerging issues and what action is needed, form committees to work on those issues, interact with the City, NCC and interest-based networks, and communicate regularly with the community. 

Over the past year, CBLCA has received many positive comments about our presence in the community, the quality of our communications and events, and the trust that has been established with our civic leaders. Building on that, and achievements that go before, the association is poised to begin another successful year. To do that, we need a strong and effective Executive in place. 

While some of the current Executive members have indicated they will stand for re-election, or are willing to take on a new role, CBLCA’s constitution states that every position is up for election every year. An ** indicates where there are no nominees yet.  

President: serves as the public face and spokesperson of CBLCA; chairs monthly meetings; supports other executive members in their roles; ensures a nominations process for new Executive members is in place.

Past President: automatically fills the role when a new President is elected to provide continuity; not an elected role.

Vice President: works closely with the President and fulfills the role of President if the President is absent; may lead specific initiatives agreed upon by the Executive.

Secretary: records minutes of Executive meetings while also participating in discussion.

Treasurer: responsible for tracking and reporting on revenues and expenses to Executive; prepares annual statement for presentation at AGM. 

Chair, Parks and Recreation**: establishes a strong group of community members to work on parks and rec initiatives. Schedules and supports groups who wish to use the grounds or inside space of Maki House; liaises with City re: Maki House; works closely with CBLCA Treasurer on finances related to rentals; supports community-wide events hosted by CBLCA, such as Wheel Day and Winter Carnival.     

Chair, Communications: responsible for implementing the CBLCA communications plan that involves, but is not limited to: regular newsletters and emails; website updates; occasional surveys; media outreach; and communications advice and support for other community initiatives.

Chair, Transportation, Transit and Infrastructure**: assembles a committee of residents interested in issues of transit/transportation, environmental concerns and real estate development in CBL; identifies issues in those areas, and plans and addresses them through action, correspondence, and partnerships with other networks.

Five (5) Zone Reps**: each is charged with keeping abreast of events/changes in zone they represent, assist with communications in their zone, and participate in all discussions at Executive meetings. It is desirable but not necessary for a zone rep to live in the zone they represent. At least one zone position has no nominee at this time.

In addition, there may be ad hoc teams formed for particular activities, such as a group pulled together by Parks and Rec Chair to work on Winter Carnival or Wheel Day.    

Time commitment:

  • One 2-hour meeting each month, except during the summer months
  • Independent work on your own schedule to contribute to projects, event planning, and committee work.  You get to choose how much or how little to be involved.  Some members commit a few hours per month and others commit a few hours per week.
  • Additional committee meetings as required.  For example, if you choose to be involved in the work of TTIC, this includes one meeting most months. 

If you are interested in joining the Executive, or would like to know more, please reach out to current President Monica Patten at

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