Help Wanted: Maki Rink

We are still in need of a Maki outdoor rink operator, as Grant Millar, our current operator, is retiring at the end of this season.

This is a great part-time, seasonal job for a retiree looking to enjoy the fresh air and stay fit!

Maki Outdoor rink is currently operated under a contract between CBLCA and the City of Ottawa, through their outdoor rinks program. Boards are stored and erected by the City. Funding for current facilities including maintenance and supervision of boarded rink, puddle rink, and change rooms is about $5,300 per season.

The operator may hire others to perform activities. Supervisors (16 years and older) may be hired or recruited as volunteers to earn community service hours.

Anyone interested may wish to participate for the remainder of this season to get acquainted with job. If you’re interested, please email

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