From Syria to Crystal Beach Lakeview — The Story Continues

Hello neighbours. The CBLCA asked me to provide an update on the Syrian family that was sponsored by the CBL Refugee Support Group.

You may recall that the family – Amoun, her brother Basel, and Amoun’s two girls – arrived on a very cold December day in 2017 after having experienced much tragedy and hardship in the preceding years.

As I type this, Amoun is sitting for exams, having finished her first year of study to become a Practical Nurse. She had been a teacher and social worker in Syria. Combine those skills with her huge heart and we have the makings of a fabulous nurse. Her girls are thriving and doing very well at school. They get up early to clean the apartment while mom studies. Amoun’s brother Basel continues to support the family while working two jobs. He is a lovely young man and the best of uncles. 

Lastly, I am thrilled to say that the family is moving to a small townhouse on July 1. They don’t need much – in large part thanks to how generous our community has already been. But if anyone is parting with a kitchen dinette set and four chairs (a round glass table is on the wish list, if possible), Amoun would gratefully accept. Neighbours have already generously donated their garden furniture. Thank you Jennifer and Jon B. and also to Rob J. for the girls’ desks and chairs. The family is so excited.

Amoun and Basel feel very blessed to be buoyed by our community and extend their thanks and gratitude.

—Carol Ann MacDonell ( or via the community Facebook page)

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