February Fitness Tips

A Balanced Workout

Working out at home? A good resistance training program is a well-balanced one! Volume, frequency, duration and the order in which exercises are performed can make all the difference:

  • Number of exercises

Aim to perform 6-12 different exercises per resistance training session. The more exercises, the fewer sets per exercise.

  • Rest or superset

Plan to rest between sets or perform supersets. Supersets are back to back exercises, alternating sets. Whatever the sequence, it must never compromise lifting form.

  • Pulls vs. presses

To offset the effects of sitting for long periods, perform as many or more sets of pulling exercises compared to pushing exercises.

  • Order of exercises

Include 2-6 compound exercises (multi-joint movements), then add isolation (single-joint movements) exercises after.

  • Weak before strong

Train muscle groups that are less developed (or weaker) before more developed muscles. For example, if your triceps are weaker than biceps, train triceps first.

  • Aim for twice weekly

A common myth in resistance training programs is that each muscle group should have a “day” dedicated to training it. Aim to train each muscle group twice per week to maximize work to recovery days.

Amanda Firby,

Parks and Rec Chair.

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