Cycling Mishap at Holly Acres Road

Credit: CTV News

You may be aware of a recent cycling accident on the multi-use path at the intersection of the Transitway and Holly Acres Road. The incident occurred due to poor safety measures at the intersection, currently under transformation for the eventual LRT bridge over Holly Acres.

In collaboration with the injured cyclist, we provided public information through an onsite interview with CTV News, and at the same time had a worthwhile meeting with a representative from KEV construction. The safety deficiencies were corrected the same day.

This incident is one of several that have occurred along Holly Acres Road for cyclists before and during the construction. We have identified these with both the LRT representative and Councilor Kavanagh and have proposed improvements to be done during further construction. We will continue to push for changes given the critical connectivity Holly Acres Road provides for pedestrians, cyclists. and vehicles.

View the CTV News report (Ian shows up at the 1:38 mark)

Ian McConnachie, Chair of the Transportation, Transit, and Infrastructure Committee

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