Corkstown Sidewalk

Call 311 to improve winter sidewalk conditions on Corkstown Rd. west of Crystal Beach Rd. 

A sidewalk was added along Corkstown Rd. west of Crystal Beach Rd. in 2018 to improve pedestrian access to the Moodie OC Transpo station. Inadequate grading and snow frequently result in ice and puddles collecting on the sidewalk because the runoff is unable to reach the catch basins.  This is a safety hazard and accessibility issue for pedestrians and an unmanageable mess for residents to clear. 

TTIC has consulted with the City of Ottawa about this matter. Residents and pedestrians are advised to call 311 to request snow clearing along the curb as needed to enable water to drain into the catch basins. We have been informed that increased calls may lead the City to designate this stretch of Corkstown Rd. as a priority for maintenance and snow clearing. 

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