Concerns Over 3430 Carling, Corkstown Realignment

Figure 3: Street view of the proposed two 9-storey towers

3430 Carling Avenue Development

Following the second public consultation hosted by Councilor Theresa Kavanagh on the proposed two tower development on the Villa Lucia site at 3430 Carling Avenue, the Transportation, Transit, and Infrastructure Committee (TTIC) reviewed the available information in detail and concluded that CBLCA should oppose this development. This opposition comes both from specific concerns with the proposal as well as the overwhelming opposition expressed by the community through the survey done by the association. It is of further note that Councilor Kavanagh has also indicated her opposition to the design as currently envisioned.

We have now submitted our opinion to the Planning Department. The proposal will be dealt with by committee on November 27. We anticipate appearing before the committee.

Download the submission

Corkstown Road Realignment

Work on this realignment is scheduled to begin later this fall. This unfortunately includes the removal of a grove of trees on the west side of the multi-use-pathway on the north side of its crossing of Corkstown Road. We have been back and forth on this, seeking modification of landscaping plans and timing of the tree removal. We are not satisfied with status of communication and actions of the LRT team. We have kept Councilor Kavanagh in the loop as well as the Ottawa Carleton Wildlife Centre.

Among the items raised is the concern that the loss of the grove prior to the winter with no alternative replacement area in place will result in higher than normal mortality of wildlife in the area. We also believe the final design of the landscaping can be improved to better protect wildlife.

Ian McConnachie, Chair of the Transportation, Transit, and Infrastructure Committee

4 thoughts on “Concerns Over 3430 Carling, Corkstown Realignment”

  1. Thank you for this. Is it possible to create a secondary plan or community development plan for Crystal Beach/ Lakeview/ Crystal Bay that would limit building heights to three storeys, and override any zoning that currently exceeds three storeys for individual properties?

    1. Your comment is timely. As the city approves the new Official Plan later this month, TTIC will be looking at community-involved plans such as secondary plans and community design plans as possibilities for Crystal Beach Lakeview, It will be one of the goals for the committee following the CBLCA Annual General Meeting

  2. Does anyone know if there are protections for migratory birds? The present Villa Lucia site (3430 Carling) is on the flight path for the Canada Geese. They fly at tree height daily, in season, back and forth from Lac Deschenes to farmers’ fields, for sleeping and feeding. Tall buildings would disrupt their activities, and probably cause them stress.

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