Community Views on Proposed Villa Lucia Development

The results from the survey on the proposed redevelopment of the Villa Lucia property are in.

First, thank you for taking the time to answer our survey on the proposed Villa Lucia development.  From our email distribution list of 850 addresses, we received 365 responses — a terrific 43 percent response rate. This shows we have an engaged community that is concerned about how our neighbourhood develops. 

Here’s what we learned.

  • 84 percent of respondents are opposed to nine-storey towers (the current design).
  • Privacy and property values are concerns for those in proximity to the proposed towers.
  • The community is generally not opposed to development, so long as it fits in with the existing Crystal Beach Lakeview environment.

To view the full results, click on these links:

Responses to the 10 closed-ended questions
Responses to the final open-ended question

What are the next steps? We have shared these results with Councillor Theresa Kavanagh and will reference the survey during future public consultations on this development. As for the status of the project, we have not received any updates but will keep the community informed.

Finally, we send a big thank-you to the Transportation, Transit, and Infrastructure Committee members for their hard work on this issue and our executive members for making the survey possible.

Kevin Brewer
President, CBLCA


4 thoughts on “Community Views on Proposed Villa Lucia Development”

  1. We have to get really vocal on this development proposal, as the city always finds some way to spin and disregard our thoughts on future development, best example was the 2 schools we had and lost because of the greed of the city. We knew that the demographics of new young families where moving in but disregarded this for more homes and end up busing children. Schools make the community and are a recreational venue for activities, but all that was lost. Hopefully the city will listen to us, but not without a fight. Thanks Brian and commitment from residents should continue to fight hard to keep CBl , a lively community.

    1. Fully agree. Dual 9 storey towers in CBL would be a huge blight on the neighbourhood and would set a dangerous precedent for future developments – a watershed moment with no turning back. Complacency, or mild expressions of concern, will only embolden developers and city staff alike looking favourably at a non-trivial tax revenue bump from 260+ units.


  2. “Do you believe that Ottawa, including CBL, must become a more dense city to fight climate change and protect farmland?”

    – 157 people said no, 145 said yes. Yikes!

    “Do you have faith that the City is prioritizing its residents interests over the interests of developers?”

    – Many polls show that residents are VERY suspicious of developer influence at City Hall. Luckily for Bay ward residents Coun. Kavanagh (unlike the mayor and the College ward councillor) does NOT take developer money.

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