Community Garage sale

This is just a reminder that Ottawa typically has a Garage Sale day on the First Saturday of June (June 4th). The CBLCA has made Maki House available for you to sell your wears (9am-1pm). If the weather is agreeable, it will be outside in the parking lot area, if it rains we can go indoors. If you want to bring your treasures to Maki House, contact Parks and Rec ( to reserve your spot, tables will be provided. Please note: you have to remain at your table to sell items, and must take home all that is not sold at the end of the day. This is an option for residents that don’t get the foot traffic they like, or have a full driveway.

2 thoughts on “Community Garage sale”

    1. You can always sell your goods on your driveway, this is just an option for people who are “out of the way”, or have a full driveway.

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