Community Food Bank Donation

Are you one of the Loblaw’s customers who applied for the $25 gift cards the grocery chain has offered in response to the bread price fixing scandal? You may have heard about people donating their cards to local food banks. Inspired by this movement, CBLCA will be accepting gift cards for donation to FAMSAC. 

To make an even bigger impact, the association will donate to FAMSAC the cash equivalent of the gift cards collected. This allows FAMSAC to purchase from wholesalers, doubling or tripling their purchasing power. CBLCA will, in turn, use the gift cards to purchase food and beverages for community events. A win-win for all!

To donate a gift card, please drop it off in the mailbox at Maki House by April 30th. The mailbox will be checked regularly to collect the cards.

Thank you for your generosity!

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