8 thoughts on “Proposed Towers at Accora Village (100 Bayshore)”

  1. I oppose the proposed residential towers at 100 Bayshore Drive because it is not consistent with the low profile of the surrounding community and
    because the large increase in local population will put undue pressure on local facilities (parks, schools, environment, traffic).

  2. They are shooting high, however they are not proposing office building, and that land will just not be available for future commercial development, which generates more trafic. The stream erosion is a big issue, and the developpers should consider adding reservoirs that would be important in spring run offs and in case of flash storms, consideration should be given to developping a sufficient number of parking space in the two towers. That being said, lets recognizse that residents of these towers will have a lot of what they need just a block away, so the need to drive is more like downtown living. Some toweres in the neighbood are more than 12 stories and should be use as a reference. On thing the towers will do, is absorb some of the noise from the QW and the transit system. The additional bus traffic coming up with the eventual fast bus lane on baseline would come after bus trafic is reduced in Bayshore with the opening of the train tracks to Moodie and beyond, so the associated argument is not very strong. This development is in line with the intention to intensify the density in residentTial neighborhood, particularly where a transit station is in place. The land there is way less sensitive than lands near the Moodie Trainstation that is privetaly owned and which I would hope could be bought out with development charges and transferred to the NCC

    1. I think an office tower would have been preferable. Workers would mostly arrive by public transit in the morning and leave by public transit in the afternoon. They wouldn’t add pressure to our roads and green space.
      As I understand it, the land around Moodie station is already NCC land except for property owned by private homeowners on Corkstown. Being NCC land doesn’t seem to be much of a guarantee if Nortel/Abbott, Nortel/DND, Wesley Clover, and now the City with its LMSF and Moodie station can and have developed those lands.
      We need to be careful and we need to stick together.

  3. The planning committee led by Jan Harder cares little for anything past her campaign donations and will see the committee approves the Bayshore towers because it is close to a transit hub.
    I would suggest demanding that the Towers have a bare minimum of parking spots as there is a transit hub nearby. Force the committee to prove what hypocrites they are.
    I doubt they can sell any units that have no parking access.

  4. It’s easy to miss the implications of this development for our neighbourhood. If developers can change the bylaws and official plan in an already dense community that is close to one station, how much more will they be encouraged to change zoning in a neighbourhood of single family homes that is close to two stations? If a 30-story tower goes in at Bayshore, the NCC will have to concede for once and for all that the precious view from the Kanata hill is irreparably harmed and there is no reason to protect the land at Moodie from development. If our community is to survive as we know it, we must be vigilant. The coming years will challenging.

  5. These buildings are proposed to be rentals, is this going to be more of the Ottawa subsidized housing units? Is that why the requirements to change the height restrictions is being asked? Besides the high density being beyond the capacity of the infrastructure and land usage any interference of the use of Holly Acres Road by surrounding communities impedes the needs of Emergency services reaching the Queensway Carlton Hospital. Also impedes the local residents reaching the hospital in a timely manner. This highway is their only access to the hospital and major considerations should be implemented in the design of accessibility. I am against this plan.
    The parking spaces are definitely lacking in the plan. On street parking will be blocking traffic. The thought that with the LRT connecting to downtown is outdated. People will never give up their vehicles, intensified parking requirements at DND is an example.

  6. I am against this plan. Building these 30 story residential towers at Bayshore is not in standing with the surrounding areas. It will increase the local population and will add more stress to our local facilities. Too high, too big, too dense, too imposing and too much. If this is permitted developers will continue in their attempts to overbuild and change this end of town and robbing it of it’s charm and simple beauty. There are many reasons why people have chosen to build their homes and establish their families or move to this end of the city and we still cherish that. We shepherd and value this community and its surrounding areas. We will continue to be vigilant with our voices and in our fight to save and protect it.

  7. It’s the wrong place for these towers to be built. There is already too much traffic on Carling Ave. and the impact of more cars will be detrimental to the community. More on street parking will be a huge issue. This is a community designed neighborhood, not built for “city” intensification.

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