CBLCA’s Annual General Meeting

This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held at the Nepean Sailing Club on Wednesday, November 28th, from 7 to 9 PM. The evening will be structured as a brief business meeting, followed by a pub/social night. Highlights will include:

  • Reflections on the past year
  • Financial report for 2017/18
  • Review and approval of a revised Constitution for CBLCA (materials shared in advance)
  • Highlights of the 2018 neighbourhood survey
  • Celebration of community volunteers and special guests
  • Appreciation of Mark Taylor and welcome to Theresa Kavanagh
  • Lots of fun thinking about the best ideas for our community in 2019

Are you thinking of running for, or nominating someone for, an executive position with CBLCA? Great! Nominations can be made from the floor the AGM (there must be a mover and seconder and agreement by the candidate). Nominations can also be done in advance of the AGM, but must also be formally nominated from the floor at the meeting, and will be identified in a community email a week or so prior, when the formal AGM agenda is announced.

We invite you to reach out to CBLCA President, Monica Patten (generalcblca@gmail.com) or to our Secretary, Krystal Taylor (kltaylor22@yahoo.ca) to learn more. In the meantime, here is some background information we hope you will find helpful.

Who we are

Your community association exists to promote and protect the interests of all who live in Lakeview and Crystal Beach. While CBLCA is led by a group of volunteers with particular roles (described below) it invites the whole community to participate in events and activities that contribute to our community being a great place for families and those on their own to live.

What we do

CBLCA works hard to offer activities and opportunities to build our community well-being and spirit. We provide ongoing information to the community through this website, monthly newsletters, signs throughout the community to promote events, surveys/flyers to reach all households, and through the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The CBLCA Executive meets once a month for 10 months of the year. Each meeting is 2 hours and all of the topics named above are usually on the agenda. We talk about how we are doing, what’s coming up, the emerging and current issues and ideas and how we will address them.

Members of the executive team also engage with the City of Ottawa, the National Capital Commission, Wesley Clover Parks, and environmental networks to work on keeping the neighbourhood as it is while at the same time supporting responsible development.

Executive positions

The Executive, which generally operates by consensus and is guided by a constitution and by-law, is made up of 13 people. All except the Past President are elected each year, for a one-year term (they can also be re-elected).

  • President: serves as the public face and spokesperson of the community association; chairs monthly meetings; supports other executive members in their roles.
  • Past President: automatically fills the role when a new President is elected to provide advice and continuity. Not an elected position.
  • Vice President: works closely with President and fulfills role of President if President is absent; may become President but is not obligated to do so
  • Treasurer: Responsible for tracking and regularly reporting on revenue and expenses to the Executive and preparing an annual statement for presentation at the AGM.
  • Secretary: records minutes of Executive meeting while also participating in meeting discussions.
  • Standing Committee Chairs: At the AGM, three (3) Standing Committees will be proposed: Communications; Parks and Rec; and Transit, Transportation, Infrastructure. Their Chairs are elected and will be on the Executive. Committee membership is made up of 6-8 community residents who have an interest in the subject matter, identified after the AGM.
  • Zone Reps: Five (5) zone reps cover Lakeview and Crystal Beach. Each is elected to keep abreast of events/changes in the zone they represent, assist with communications in their zone and contribute to the overall discussion at Executive meetings.

In addition to the Executive and its Standing Committees, there may be other short term (or ad hoc) committees formed with members of the community invited to participate. They could include Wheel Day or Winter Carnival (which would be a short term group working with the Parks and Rec Committee), for example, or a committee to review the constitution, or plan a Christmas party. Watch this video testimonial by Krystal Taylor to hear first-hand about her experience working with CBLCA!

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