CBLCA Mid-Summer 2022 update:

Greetings Crystal Beach – Lakeview!

As you may have concluded the CBLCA is on its usual summer slumber, hence the missing newsletter updates, but we are keeping an eye on things and acting accordingly. The hot topic for this ‘mini-Newsletter’ is an update on LRT stage 2. Back in the late winter, the CBLCA’s TTIC group submitted a series of question to the City / LRT group about the ongoing project, here you will find the responses and a serious report (tongue-in-cheek) from the TTIC group on those results. As usual, we thank Ian McConnachie and the TTIC members for their unwavering efforts on these important issues.

In other news the Vila Lucia proposed development has come back to life. The CBLCA (and members of the TTIC committee) will be meeting with the City and the Developer on site to discuss the changes to the building design. We don’t know the details yet but we understand the building will be reduced to 6 stories from the initial proposal of 9 stories. This is great news and aligns with current zoning regulations! We all know that Carling Avenue will be slowly developed over the coming years due to the pressures of intensification, but thanks to the CBLCA, residents, the City and cooperation from the developer(s), we can find a model that better fits in with our neighbourhood. More to come after the late July meeting.

Lastly, a few of you may have noticed a chromatic change at Maki Park. As mentioned in past newsletters, the CBLCA called out to local artists to design a mural on the cold primer grey doors of the Maki House (Ice Rink) bunker. We had four proposals and picked local artist Tyler Proulx. After a lengthy approval process from the City we obtained permission and set Tyler free to spice up the doors. The CBLCA thanks Tyler for his great work!

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