Calling All Green Experts

The CBLCA’s Environment Sub-committee has big plans for the coming year to help our community become even more sustainable and healthy.

From time to time, we may need some technical advice on a “green” issue or help in running a program from a well-informed expert. That’s why we’re compiling a list of people in Crystal Beach Lakeview with expertise in sustainable living, climate change issues, wildlife, mapping, or related topics. Do you think you have something to offer? Then add your name to our Experts List so we can call on you when needed.

And don’t worry: No commitment necessary!

Add your name to the Experts List here.

1 thought on “Calling All Green Experts”

  1. Has the Environment Committee ever though about doing some remediation work in the forest area between Crystal Bay school and Abbott? The forest is increasingly used by hikers and is a valuable addition to our neighborhood. However the woodlot itself is being overrun with European Buckthorn. This is a tough plant to get rid of but it prevents undergrowth from developing and chokes out many other plants. Some years ago Vanier had a removal program but not sure how it turned out.

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