Bayshore Towers Going to Planning Committee

Ivanhoe Cambridge, the owners of Bayshore Shopping Centre, have proposed a 30-storey and 27-storey development to be built against the Bayshore LTR station. The City’s Planning Department staff have made their recommendation and Planning Committee meets on November 10th to decide on the applications.

The applications are for exemptions to the zoning by-law (the current zoning allows 12 storeys) and the official plan, which requires that the building is on an arterial road. The towers will set a new height precedent for the neighbourhood and may add 1,000 people to our roads and green spaces. The City is supposed to create a secondary plan before approving the height, but the Planning Department is not recommending a secondary plan.

What You Can Do

  1. Before Monday, November 9th, send a letter to the Planning Committee to communicate your opinion on this development and encourage informed planning for intensification.
    We have created a sample letter you can use as-is, or personalize as you wish, to communicate your opposition to this development: download it here. The deadline for comments is 4:00 PM on Monday, November 9th.
  2. Email the letter to Planning Committee Coordinator, and please cc us at and also
    The Planning Committee Coordinator will convey your letter to all members of Planning Committee, Councillors:
  • Jan Harder (Chair)
  • Riley Brockington
  • Rick Chiarelli
  • Laura Dudas
  • Glen Gower
  • Allan Hubley
  • Jeff Leiper
  • Scott Moffatt
  • Tim Tierney
  • Mayor Jim Watson

For more information, refer to the August 30 article Concerns about Proposed High-rise Towers in our Community. 

Note: The CBLCA online poll is closed.

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