Are You Ready to Join the Green Tribe of Crystal Beach Lakeview?

Daily air advisory warnings. Low rainfall and “crispy” lawns. Poor water quality at the river. Another flood. All of these “small nuisances” are starting to become persistent and pressing challenges. So how can our small green actions of reducing plastic consumption, recycling, composting, naturalizing our home, biking to work, or using a low-flow shower head make any impact on a globe-encompassing crisis?

Understanding the interconnectedness of all things related to the local and global impacts of climate change can be overwhelming, making it seem impossible to effect positive change. The last 18 months, however, have provided new perspectives that not only highlight the extreme importance of making change for our planet today but also that: our local environment greatly impacts our health; our individual actions can have big impacts; we can do hard and seemingly impossible things; and, finally, we don’t have to do it alone.

All around this neighbourhood, it’s easy to see people’s efforts to do better for our planet: solar panels on roofs, hybrid cars in the driveway, veggie gardens galore, signs for “Bees Matter too”, free produce at the tennis court stand, new trees being planted, and so much more. It’s inspiring to see. But I wanted a place to learn from each other, collaborate on projects, discuss our concerns and resilience of our environment, and take larger meaningful steps toward a greener and more resilient world.

As such, I am starting a committee of local residents to collaborate on green issues that impact our community directly, while also supporting more wide-reaching climate action. Like you, I have numerous ideas on what this could look like: mastermind shares, green-focused events and projects, educational series from local environmental groups, government-focused climate action encouragement, and more.

To start, our first official project will be to design, get City approval, install, and maintain a commemorative Garden of Resilience at Maki House to mark the Crystal Beach Lakeview’s shared experience of the Covid pandemic. We are looking for volunteers to contribute ideas, support, and feedback on this project.

Are you in? Contact to contribute to greening your community and planet by volunteering your ideas, expertise, time, and support on local projects and more! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Want to learn more?

Here are my top organizations to level up your environmental knowledge, lifestyle integrations, and climate action:

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