A New Official Plan and a Win for CBLCA

After several years of monumental effort and huge public participation, the city has a new Official Plan.

Of particular note are the last-stage motions to amend the plan. These motions, put forward by community associations and public groups such as the People’s Official Plan, Greenspace Alliance, and Ecology Ottawa, touched on several of the concerns raised by CBLCA in our first detailed submission. These will give greater clarity on intensification and environmental impacts, will create publicly available measurements of success, and better protect urban tree canopy more equitably and locally.

CBLCA was also successful in having added into the official plan a specific prohibition of intensification around Moodie Station. This was in our view critically important given its unique status as the only station in the LRT system to be built within the NCC Greenbelt. Kudos to our committee for some hard work and thanks to Councilor Kavanagh, Councilor Menard, and city Planning staff, especially Stephen Willis.

Once the Ontario Government signs off on the plan, we then move into development of the city-wide Zoning By-Laws. This will also be critically important for our community and key determinants for execution of the new plan. TTIC will be very active on this file and will keep you informed as we progress through a two-year process.

Ian McConnachie, Chair of the Transportation, Transit, and Infrastructure Committee

3 thoughts on “A New Official Plan and a Win for CBLCA”

  1. Well done , cblca, we are very lucky to have such strong people ready to preserve our land and surrounding green belt,

  2. Thank you for your comment. We are quite proud of our accomplishment and look to actively involve our community in protection and enhancement of our Greenbelt

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