A Little Jab’ll Do ‘Ya: Helping Neighbours in the Covid Maze

There may be some of us in Crystal Beach Lakeview who are struggling to navigate the province’s Covid-19 vaccination process. If you know a neighbour or community friend who needs assistance to book their vaccine appointment, this is what Ottawa Public Health advises:

  • Obtain your friend’s or neighbour’s consent to help them book their vaccine appointment as you will be providing that person’s personal health information for a health screening.  
  • Visit https://www.ottawapublichealth.ca/en/public-health-topics/covid-19-vaccine.aspx to check the current criteria for eligibility. 
  • Fill out the eligibility tool to see if they are eligible for a vaccine appointment in the current phase.  
  • If they are eligible, follow the instructions listed and/or call the phone number listed to book an appointment. 
  • If booking by phone, tell the booking agent that you are helping another person to book an appointment and have their consent to make an appointment on their behalf.  
  • Make note of the date, time, and location of the appointment. Give this information to the person you are helping. 

To support someone with booking their vaccine appointment, you will need their:  

  • Date of birth 
  • Address and postal code  
  • Contact information (telephone, email) 
  • Background health information. The booking agent will do a health screening. The person will need to speak to their healthcare provider to discuss the vaccine before booking if any of the criteria below apply. 
  • You will be asked if the person: 
    • Has had an allergic reaction to a previous vaccine 
    • Has an autoimmune disease or is immuno-compromised 

Note: A support person can go with another person to a vaccine appointment, if needed.  

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