3368 Carling Ave Development Proposal: Summary of June Community Meeting

On June 4, Councillor Theresa Kavanagh hosted Rosaline Hill, the architect responsible for the development at 3368 Carling, who gave a presentation on the site plans and answered questions from the community.

Ms. Hill explained that the plan has changed from a condominium development to a rental property simply due to lack of demand for condos in Ottawa, and an increase in demand for rentals. With this change, it has gone from mixed-size units to 15 two-bedroom units. The developer is targeting people who value the river view/proximity, and believes they are unlikely to attract families due to the busy area. The development does not include any affordable housing, though there will be accessible units. Basement storage that had been included in the previous design has been removed.

In terms of exterior design, the brownstone/townhouse style was chosen to break the building up into pieces, easing the transition into the residential neighbourhood. The lower part of its elevation (facing its neighbour) is out of sight; the parking entrance will be on this side down the slope, as will exterior garbage storage. (The ramp may be heated, though this has not been decided.)

With regards to amenities, there will be air conditioning units, possibly located on the roof, and each unit will have a dedicated laundry vent to the outside. Outdoor parking will be limited to visitors only, and overnight parking will not be permitted. Because the garbage will be located down a ramp, pick-up will be by private contract – frequency is unknown.

There was a great deal of discussion concerning the impact on the property’s neighbours. The clinic next door deals with chemically sensitive patients, and Ms. Hill was asked whether it was possible to move gas meters facing the clinic. She said it is not, unless the required landscape buffer is reduced even further. They intend to put a six foot tall fence on the property line. They also addressed the neighbour to the south, where a hedge was damaged previously. They committed to planting new trees, and hiring an arborist to ensure the neighbour’s satisfaction.

Construction is anticipated to start in Spring 2021, with the “messy stage” (i.e. heavy equipment and exterior work until it is closed in) lasting four months, and the entire project taking a year. The developer does not anticipate a requirement to open the road/close a lane, as underground services were hooked up to the property line when the road was opened previously.

The developer is requesting three bylaw variances:

  1. The law requires 1.2 parking spaces per unit, which would equal 18 on this site, but the developer is requesting a reduction to 16.
  2. Garbage is required to be stored in a “building”, which the outside storage containers are not. The developer is requesting to be granted an exception.
  3. The property is still zoned for mixed-use, dating back to when there was a commercial property on it. This requires a landscape buffer of 3 metres. As it is now residential, the developer is requesting a 1.5 metre buffer.

CBLCA will continue to engage with the developer to ensure a few details discussed are followed.

1 thought on “3368 Carling Ave Development Proposal: Summary of June Community Meeting”

  1. I’m hoping that CBLCA will continue to oppose the requests for variances from the developer. I don’t see how these changes have responded to the feedback from the committee of adjustments. They are still taking up too much space on a small corner (too large), too close to neighbours (especially if they take the true measurements of the trees), outside garbage will smell, no one responsible for larger items, will these get thrown out on our curb, not enough parking, disregard for venting towards the clinic, etc. These are all similar issues that remain unresolved.

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