19 Burnbrook Crescent: It’s Finally Coming Down

The infamous horror house at 19 Burnbrook Crescent will soon be just a bad memory to its Lakeview neighbours. In May, the City of Ottawa finally ordered the demolition of the residence once asbestos abatement and pest control have been conducted.

In its heyday, 19 Burnbrook was a posh home backing onto a ravine, complete with an indoor swimming pool. It then descended into disrepair and infamy, staggering from rental property to grow op to a moldy, broken down and weedy shell fit for raccoons.

At the end, it was owned by a numbered company set up by someone no longer living. For years, the city was unable to repossess it because the first lien on the property was held by Canada Revenue Agency, and the CRA was unwilling to work with the city on selling the property. Eventually cooler heads prevailed and the logjam finally broke this spring.

For more on the 19 Burnbrook saga, read this Citizen article.

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