Working to Improve Connectivity with Bells Corners for Pedestrians and Cyclists

CBLCA is working with Bike Ottawa and community associations in Bells Corners to improve cycling and pedestrian connections between our communities.

We recently sent a letter (which you can read here) outlining the recommendations of our working group to concerned parties at the municipal and provincial levels. Following this letter, the working group will seek to set up meetings with all of the principals contacted to discuss our goals and recommendations.

This initiative also ties into the updating of the city Official Plan, Transportation Master Plan, and the Cycling Master Plan, which will all occur over the next several years.

1 thought on “Working to Improve Connectivity with Bells Corners for Pedestrians and Cyclists”

  1. Ian, you and your committee continue to make a fabulous contribution to our community. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. I applaud your input on connectivity with Bells Corners. We already had a significant change to this connectivity with the changes made to Acres Rd when the Hwy 416 /417 interchange was implemented. Keep up the good work!

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