Update: Bayshore to Moodie BRT to LRT conversion

The CBLCA Transportation Committee made a submission to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) about the City’s Environmental Project Report (EPR) on the conversion of the Moodie Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station to a Light Rail Transit (LRT)hub. Both the EPR and CBLCA’s submission will inform the Ministry’s Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP).

In our submission, we highlight concerns about:

  • The lack of detail overall in the EPR
  • The City’s inadequate plans for stormwater management and protections for wildlife movements within the corridor

You may view the full document here.

The Committee continues to work with the City and other organizations in our hopes to improve on a number of aspects of the project and its impacts on volume of traffic at intersections, roadways, pedestrian and cycling connectivity points, and our community overall.

As part of our ongoing efforts and to hear your ideas and opinions, we are planning a community meeting on the LRT project this May. At this meeting, we will update the community on project details, as well as hear from representatives from the LRT team and others, as available.

Look for more information in upcoming newsletters.

4 thoughts on “Update: Bayshore to Moodie BRT to LRT conversion”

  1. I have found the drainage from the newly installed overpass to be less than optimal. All of the drainage runs “across” Corkstown Road on a dangerous curve in the road. This situation can be avoided bysimply installing a swale and taking the runoff into the remaining wetland area on the south side of Corkstown.

    1. Thank you for your comment Charlie. Can you please provide me with a bit more information. Are you referring to the offramp from the 417 westbound onto Moodie Drive? Can you also be a bit more specific about where the water flows over Crosstown Rd.. Once i have this information, I will raise it with the city staff. As it happens, we are meeting with Councillor Taylor later this month on other issues with the BRT, at which staff will hopefully be present. I would be pleased to raise this at that time.

  2. As the provincial and federal governments are the entities involved with correcting storm water, flood plain, water pollution, fishery issues, wildlife, and flora problems, CBLCA should make solid contacts with appropriate officials from both these government levels.

    The ownership of the land area involved with the LRT is both provincial and federal. So, by-pass the city and focus CBLCA’s design improvement efforts on the land owners (the province) and land stewards (the federal government).

    Ensure that the CBLCA community is well informed and fully involved.
    Keep in mind that people-power emanates from mass public knowledge of what is not as it should be.

    The power that emanates from a well informed society will move those in charge (the province and the NCC) to act.

    1. Peggy, as a Past President of CBLCA and current member of the Transportation Committee, you will know that working with the other levels of government and other stakeholders on the LRT conversion of the BRT to Moodie Drive is very central to the strategy of the Transportation Committee going forward. That also includes engaging and informing members of our community and hearing their concerns and ideas. To that end, this is why our committee is now working towards a community meeting at which we can do just those things.

      I also do not want to give our members a false sense that doing these things will end with our achieving everything we hope for. The city does have the provincial approval to proceed and sign-off from the NCC on their design. In spite of this, the committee does believe there is much more to do to optimize the design both for the our community, fellow citizens of Ottawa, and the environment. The entire Transportation Committee will be actively engaged in working to those goals.

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