5 thoughts on “Say “No” to a Highway Maintenance Patrol Yard on Moodie”

  1. also would mean increased truck traffic crossing the NCC bike path that travels east-west along Watts creek
    definitely opposed to the site on Moodie being used for this purpose

  2. I looked at the 5 site on the short llist. i note that the one on Moody bears number 9, suggesting it was not on the top of the long list. I also understand that the elementary school the maintenance yard would be close too is, I believe, for students with special needs, the risks for them is greater, probably, on the average student there than it would be on a normal school. The presence of the maintenance yard would probably be one more thing the school board would take into account when making decision on closure of schools. if the school closes, well that would be a lot of land that would be put for sale inviting either an expansion of the maintenance yard or related businesses to establish themselves in its vicinity.

    Walking throug that area earlier this spring, I noted a space that seemps to be used as a deer ravage in the winter. This goes without mentionning the effect of the mainteance yard on the neibhouring wetlands which I was told years ago is an habitat for some rare turtles.

    Finallly, on traffic, yes that would mean a lot more heavy trucks on a stretch of Moodis that as seen better days. But to me as important is that maintenance trucks and plows coming north on highway 416 north to go to that new maintenance yard would have to take the Holly Acres Road exit, turn left (i.e., thus interfering with traffic coming out of the 417 at holly acres that either turns left of right… thus having a risk of accidents where the two of ramps meet. Additionnaly, the traffic of maintenance trucks getting on HW 417 west through the holly acres on ramp would also increase the risks of accidentes on that left turn and trucks running along that on ramp all the way to moodie would also increase the noise factor for the whole neiborhood, partucularly for the streetes closest to highway 17.

    We also do not know what equipment sits on the mainteance yard, if there is to be a salt, grimme or sand depot their for winter road maintenance, well it would affect the wheatlands a lot and would mean additional heavy traffic for delivery of these things to the maintenance yard. In our neighboorhood a potentially better candidate would have been the land in the triangle formed by Highway 417, Holly Acres Road and Richmond Road,

  3. I would add that yes, these Patrol Trucks would affect the bus traffic coming to and going from Moody and Bayshore Station once the OLT runs all the way to the OC Transpo maintenance yard. This would affect OCTranspo passengers coming from Bell’s Corner, Bridlewood, and the remainder of Kanada. To me it does little sense to change the current location of the Highway Maintenance Yard unless that property may be taken over by OC Transpo once the LRT reaches there for a more permanent maintenance yard.

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