Public Meeting Primer: Key LRT2 Issues for CBL Residents

Tuesday, April 16 at the Nepean Sailing Club (6:30 – 9:00 pm) is your opportunity to get the latest updates—directly from city staff—about proposed changes to the project that will convert the bus rapid transit (BRT) line from Bayshore Station to Moodie Station into a light rail transit (LRT) line.

This construction process impacts the entire Crystal Beach Lakeview community. The Crystal Beach Lakeview Community Association (CBLCA) has been actively working with the City of Ottawa’s LRT2 team to improve upon original draft plans. Our many successes include moving the Light Maintenance and Storage Facility away from the originally proposed site along the east side of Moodie Drive.

There are a number of changes in the LRT2 team’s most recent report. Of particular note, the City currently plans to close eastbound Corkstown Rd. to vehicular traffic between the Moodie Station and Crystal Beach Drive once the conversion to LRT takes place. A community survey showed that 85% of residents oppose this plan. CBLCA has shared these results with the City.  

At Tuesday’s meeting, you will have the opportunity to see preliminary designs, hear more details from city staff about the rationale for the proposed closure, as well as engage in questions and answers on this issue and other aspects of the design plan.

Plan to arrive at 6:30 so you can have a close look at poster boards showing detailed drawings. Members of the CBLCA Transportation, Transit and Infrastructure Committee will be present to listen to your concerns and help you navigate the plans as best we can.

Our committee has posed numerous questions regarding the changes identified in the latest LRT2 report, covering the following subjects:

  1. Moodie station and closure of eastbound Corkstown Road (between the LRT station and Crystal Beach Dr), for example:
    • What traffic studies led to the planned closure—traffic, buses, cyclists, timing, numbers?
    • How will emergency vehicles and buses (both city and school buses) access the community eastbound from Moodie Drive?
  2. Impacts on the community during construction
  3. Temporary lane onto 417 eastbound from Holly Acres Road (to be built during construction of LRT and with closure of BRT)
  4. Cycling and pedestrian traffic on Moodie Drive overpass
  5. Other questions, for example:
    • Where is the planned pedestrian link from Richmond Rd. to Bayshore Shopping Centre?
    • What guidelines must contractors follow for road closures during construction?
    • What is the consultation process with the community between now and the beginning of construction of the LRT extension to Moodie Drive?

3 thoughts on “Public Meeting Primer: Key LRT2 Issues for CBL Residents”

  1. I have spoken to people in the neighbourhood who are in favour of the lane closure on Corkstown Road due to concerns of increased traffic, especially in front of Lakeview school and the seniors residence. Most of these people mentioned they did not complete the survey, therefore I believe your statistics of 85% of the community being in favour is inaccurate. I all ready see bumper to bumper traffic on Corkstown Road when the Queesway is backed up, cars not stopping at stop signs and speeding. I am very concerned about DND and light rail traffic into our neighbourhood.

    1. I am also a resident who did not complete the survey, yet I am opposed to the closure, so likely the statistics presented are not too far wrong. i access the QW on a daily basis heading to and from Kanata. And I do not go past the school or the seniors residence. Your concern regarding increased traffic along Corkstown pales in comparison to the concern over increased traffic along Bedale & Crystal Beach Drive.

  2. Closing Corkstown Road east bound is absurd and defies any logic.
    According to the presenters own numbers from last evening’s meeting, there are on average 1000 vehicles turning from Moodie into Corkstown east-bound / 24 hr. period.
    That is 350,000 vehicles / year, plus…
    Again, per their own findings, it will add app. 4 minutes / vehicle driving time, or app. 2 km / trip.
    This proposed “closure” will actually add 700,000 km travel to our residents / visitors to the Crystal Beach area / year, at a time when everyone is concerned about the environment… total idiocy

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