Join the email campaign for pedestrian and cyclist safety

We need your help to advocate to the City to make Corkstown Road and Moodie Drive safer for pedestrians and cyclists. A follow-up action item from our community meeting this past week was a community email campaign to Councillor Mark Taylor’s office to show the volume of concerned residents.

Click here to send an email to Mark Taylor to help us advocate for changes to Corkstown Road and Moodie Drive this year for the safety of all our residents. (p.s. the emails are already drafted, just click the button, sign your name and then click “send”).

2 thoughts on “Join the email campaign for pedestrian and cyclist safety”

  1. Corkstown is a busy street when it’s cycling season. Add pedestrians and it gets dangerous. Getting cyclists routed off the entire road on the stretch after the bend and building sidewalks would make it a lot safer. Also, adding a few street lights would make it much safer at night for all people who use it – drivers, cyclists and pedestrians

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