Help Wanted: Maki Rink

We are looking for paid rink supervisors (age 16 and over) and maintenance help. Community Service hours are also available. 

We are also looking for a new Maki Rink Operator to take over the contract with the city for Maki Rink. Our current long-time operator, Grant Millar, is looking to retire next year. Ideally, the new candidate could work alongside Grant this winter as a transitional season. This is a great part-time, seasonal outdoor job for a retiree.

Maintenance work is paid, including snow blowing. shoveling and flooding is a paid activity, and costs associated with snow blowers, etc., are compensated. Some administrative tasks are also performed on a volunteer basis.

If you’re interested, please email Grant at, or give him a call at 613-795-5397.

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