Bay Ward News & Events of Interest

Park-and-bike at Andrew Haydon Park Proposal

A park-and-ride 3 year pilot project at Andrew Haydon Park will be submitted to the Transportation Committee on April 3rd, 2019. City staff will recommend that the project proceed, it is expected to pass. There will be 10 spots allocated to park and bike during weekdays only.

Ottawa Public Health Presentation and Discussion

Councillor Theresa Kavanagh has invited Ottawa Public Health to Bay Ward to discuss their programs and services on Thursday, April 4th, from 7-9 PM at the Ron Kolbus Centre. Details on this meeting can be found here.

1 thought on “Bay Ward News & Events of Interest”

  1. Regarding the proposed Cardel Development at Bedale/Carling:
    The building design/architecture is beautiful; however, it is too big for the lot and would cause the following problems:

    – narrowness of top of parking ramp leading to congestion on Bedale
    – no room for garbage/recycling bins at the surface on garbage day, leading to blocked sidewalk on Bedale
    – no space for pick-up/drop-off or visitor parking at surface-level, leading to congestion on Bedale
    – insufficient total parking, with overflow impacting surrounding community
    – digging too close to lot line, damaging bushes/trees on residential property to the south
    – insufficient landscaping and natural screening to the south
    – lack of storage lockers for building residents

    This building should be re-designed with a smaller footprint.

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